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Award winning and critically acclaimed performance artist, actor JOHN FLECK is leading a 5 week performance /creativity Workshop beginning March 31st. Over a 5 week period I intend to assemble 9 like minded eclectic performance types @ my Studio in Los Feliz (I make #10) to join me in creative excavation. Sorry, due to the limited size of my studio, I can only fit 10 - If you don’t get in this time, I put you on top of the list for next time.

5 Saturdays beginning March 31st
(11:00 am to 2:00-ish )
Intention: 'Activity with no clear intention is little more than a waste of time and energy. Yet when you give direction to your efforts, they result in true achievement.' —Martha Graham

Intention for this 5 week workshop:
to access the subconscious as source and tool for actualizing new work
• to open our voices, literally and figuratively
• to allow authentic expression and authentic response

Utilizing various sound & movement, acting, performance and improvisational text writing techniques, my intention over this 5 week period is to provide the space to sow creative seeds and perhaps harvest original 5 to 10 minute Solo or Ensemble Performance Pieces (and/or) continue working on previous works in progress. Each piece will be taped (upon request) and a DVD made available.

5 SATURDAYS, March 31 thru April 28th
(First Timers) $200.00 (2nd timers) $175.00 Good Deal !
A $50 non-refundable deposit required and as always, refreshments & cookies will be served.

To reserve your space, email:

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