2 CURRENT EVENTS worth sharing:
#1. John is the subject of a documentary called JOHN FLECK IS WHO YOU WANT HIM TO BE, Filmed by Kevin Duffy, the film trails the artist as he prepares for performances at the New Museum (NYC) and the Carpenter Center, Long Beach and other performance events. Intercut with 25 years of raw, archival footage as well as compelling interviews of himself & others the film explores shifting identity and how we define ourselves in relation to the other.

Recently screened @ Cal State Long Beach and Cal Arts, the doc will be screened at the Mack Sennett Studios in Silverlake, CA in a few months. Details to come.

Firedoglake preview and web discussion.

Long Beach Press Telegram screening preview.

CSULB campus review.

#2. Fleck will be leading a 4 week PERFORMANCE / CREATIVITY WORKSHOP beginning Wed, April 1 at his Studio in Los Feliz to join him in creative excavation.

4 Wednesdays, beginning April 1
( 7 pm – 10 )
Intention: ‘Activity with no clear intention is little more than a waste of time and energy. Yet when you give direction to your efforts,they result in true achievement.’ —Martha Graham

Intention for this 4 week workshop:
• to access the subconscious as source and tool for actualizing new work
• to open our voices, literally and figuratively
• to allow authentic expression and authentic response
Utilizing various sound & movement, acting, performance and improvisational text writing techniques, the intention over this 4 week period is to provide the space to sow creative seeds and perhaps harvest original 5 to 10 minute Solo or Ensemble Performance Pieces (and/or) continue working on previous works in progress. Each piece will be taped (upon request) and a DVD made available.

4 Wednesdays, beginning April 1 
priced on a sliding scale
A $50 non-refundable deposit required and as always, refreshments & cookies will be served.